Don Juan in every-day life or free love

young man to another young man :
‘can’t imagine being tied to one woman; want to be free;
want many’

middle-aged man to middle-aged woman :
‘it’s nice to have an affair ! I know. It’ll last for a year and
then peter out’

another middle-aged man to the above :
‘I love you. I love all women. I’ve had a chat with a prostitute’
a respectable citizen :
‘really a man wants many women’

young man to girl of same age :
‘you’re the love-goddess’

middle-aged woman to herself :
‘What am I doing ? I’ve kissed one, and no sooner does he
turn his back than I kiss another …”

Jesus to his listeners :
‘Whoever feels his penis move when looking at a woman,
has committed adultery with her in his heart’ (Mathieu.5-28)

Is there anyone who doesn’t feel …??
Multi-love imposed by nature! Why?
young man to his mother :
‘I think all girls are pretty!’

Don Juan to Sganarelle :
‘J’appartiens à toutes les belles !’ (I belong to all women!)

Mind society: it would not do to say these things aloud – oh hypocrisy!
How to deal with the situation? At your peril, don’t be caught!