Conversation with Jo-Marie about her latest grandson

Jo-Marie : ‘… le père est un musulman, il doit aller dans son pays avec le petit, il a bientôt un an, pour la – se tournant vers moi – circonscription’
moi : ‘circoncision’
Jo-Marie : ‘oui’
Mme El : ‘???’
moi : ‘enlever le prépuce’
Mme El : Quesaco?’
Jo-Marie : ‘couper le dessus du kiki’
et Mme El de frissonner …

Jo-Marie: ‘…the father being a Muslim, they have to go to his
country with the little one, soon a year old, for the – turning to
me – circumscription’.
I: ‘circumcision’
Jo-Marie: ‘yes’
Mme El: ‘???’
I: ‘remove the prepuce’
Mme El: ‘what’s that?’
Jo-Marie: ‘cut off the top of the willy’
and Mme El shivering.

Later, I find a word ‘kiki’ in my dictionary, allegedly meaning ‘cou’, neck. I put this to Mme El who looks puzzled. She then tells me that really it means a ‘little dog’. Does it mean anything else; I ask and can tell from her more or less embarrassed smile that it certainly does.