July 198..

I payed them a friendly visit. Margo went to the hairdresser’s, leaving Nessie and me in the garden to do some work – putting in seeds and young plants. Once when I stood up to stretch myself, he was behind and put his right hand onto my breasts. I did not dare move. A little later I kissed him. I do not know whether his wife saw us as she was coming back. He told me he wanted to learn my language in order to be able to follow a conference next year. I was only too delighted to offer myself as a teacher.

I asked his permission to telephone Steve to tell him I would be home later. He said “tell him you’re playing with me”, then changed his mind and made it clear that he did not want this to be said. When I left him in the evening, he made a movement with his hand towards my abdomen. I laughed it off and kissed him good-bye.