Diary Jan. 198..

He gave a talk yesterday to a circle of friends. I received my sixth kiss. I do not recognize myself. I lost weight lately. I have all sorts of curious physical sensations. When I think about him, I blush (I checked before a mirror). I feel waves coming up from my abdomen, filling my breasts, making my lips quiver, engulfing me altogether. When I undress to go to bed, I become strangely aware of my body. I do have a body, I can feel it with my own hands : rather small breasts, but slim hips, too; reasonably flat stomach. As I get into bed, I think about him. A tremendous shock to suddenly realize : I want to go to bed with him. I feel myself blushing in the darkness. Pete wonders why I don’t have a nightdress on.

I can only think about Nessie. What would it be like to feel his hands all over me, on my bare skin ? Sleeping is difficult.