Men and women

I discussed the subject of marriage with my husband when we went for an early morning walk recently. We’ve had many years of marriage, a not unsuccessful, reasonably stable and efficient partnership, better than many others. My husband is a great believer in the traditional idea promoted by Church and Society that a woman belongs to her man and has to be at his disposal whenever he wants it. When marrying her, he accepts after all to be tied for life and to provide for her. In return she promises to ‘like, honour and obey’ him, or similar terms, which means that a husband, for taking on all these duties, has a right, too, doesn’t he, and the woman is held to oblige, isn’t she.

My husband puts this as a statement rather than a question, knowing that he has Society on his side. I don’t deny it. In fact as far as I know, I comply fully with the rules of our society. He doesn’t think it’s as easy as that, for he remarks ‘only when you want to’. I say ‘obviously’. He laughs and says ‘there you are …’.

It’s not an easy life for a husband. He definitely doesn’t find the situation too much to his liking. He lets me know eventually that a man would really ‘like’ many women. I am relieved to hear it, because I can now safely tell him that a woman really would ‘like’ many men ! My husband is somewhat surprized at that, he hadn’t considered this. He is at a loss, now. What is the answer ? I can’t help him.

We’ve arrived back home. Time for breakfast.