Conversation with Paul

I hope you weren’t cold last night. When you had left, we found the living-room very cold. I had a lovely evening with you, much nicer than with the recorder group. My true talents aren’t with recorder-playing. You made me feel good, taking me into your arms, I could have stayed there a bit longer. Have you any idea what accounts for the attraction ? Why on earth should one be struck by somebody, quite suddenly ? Pleasant smiles are a help, I suppose.

There’s always the possibility of an illusion wearing off after a while, in other words, one can be fooled. I would like to think I’m not.

Something new is interesting, until it isn’t new anymore. Something difficult to obtain has a certain attraction. Having to keep a secret is not without a thrill.

I liked our conversation about a certain rough game. I liked my husband’s description of himself in an exposed position in the ‘medley’: feet off the ground, neck twisted one way and totally unable to see the ball!

Did you know I have a special relationship with your country through my birthday ?
Why should ladies play this game ? Maybe they want to let off steam, too. What kind of steam ? Perhaps they do it simply for equality’s sake. With a man for a coach!

Your singing went well. Not too well initially. You explained you weren’t relaxed. I was glad my husband didn’t ask why not, he is not inquisitive normally. No doubt you would have found a suitable answer. As for my language, to really do it well you need a lot more practice. Fortunately there are all these Lieder to work on, quite a thick volume. It should keep us going for a while.

Social conventions are a nuisance. They must be observed, or else there will be trouble. It seems we have them not without a reason. I don’t know what the reason is. I don’t want to hurt anybody, but people will be hurt. It would be foolish to ask for trouble. Would it be worth taking the risk ?

Is it not just the satisfying effect of a novelty, wearing off with repetition ? An attraction that wears off is not worth having ! Society begrudges us something that might not be worth having. Pleasant at the time, not lasting. Would you like to be married to me ???

Can energy be redirected ? Put to use in a more worthwhile way ? Is there a more worthwhile way ? Is there an attraction other than the obvious one ? What can a woman do for a man other than ‘rushing up and down the stairs, doing the housework’, etc. ? Something more lasting, independent of the time-factor ? I have no idea. But there must be something …

What is a ‘fallen angel’ ? It doesn’t sound nice. Not the same angel as before. What accounts for the difference ? Something ties us down, stops us from getting up, grounded, stranded, unable to move … You may have heard of Loreley, a most beautiful lady specialized in leading men astray, destroying them by means of her charms. A legend, just a legend … Or Calypso who held Ulysses. Peer Gynt was lucky, and the Flying Dutchman. And Papageno … She saves his life.

I learnt a lot about biscuits last night, your employer, although their nutritional quality is still an open issue. Not too important, really. I want you to try my bread some time. See you.