Father and son

We went for a walk, my husband, my son, the dog and I. It was raining and the ground slippery. My husband took over the dog and walked in front, thus enabling my son to look after me. It’s nice to have a big son. Mine is fifteen at the moment. He holds out his hand to me in difficult places. He opens gates for me and closes them. He draws my attention to different things. He greets me in the morning with a smile and a kiss on the cheek, on holiday, anyway, much to his sisters’ disgust. I like it. I suppose I’m getting soft.

We all have toothbrushes of different colours. I had forgotten which was mine. Was it the red one ? It must be, my husband said, that’s the colour for you.

The leader of the House of Lords himself referred to the eleventh commandment which governs our society : Do not be found out. Asked by a journalist whether this means that a crime which isn’t found out isn’t a crime, he replied with a smile that this was so. He must know, being a professional man.