Stamps and what they mean to us

I went to see my friend, the Greengrocer, and bought the latest stamps from him. They were about the “Battle of whatever” and designed to remind the Nation of the heroes they had produced in days gone by. A set of five stamps representing, each of them, the bust of a gentleman with his respective aeroplane, like a little toy plane, in front of him, against a background of clouds of various shapes, sizes and colours, some of them looking like these mushroom-type clouds as produced by the explosion of powerful bombs. I suppose this would fit into the context. Four of the gentlemen are Lords and one a Sir, the latter one best known in my country for having scored a tremendous success against a strategically worthless but overcrowded place. Just looking at them, I was reminded of the Sea Dogs. I suppose the gentlemen on the stamps could be called Air Dogs, boxer-like, something smooth and sleek and determined about them. Pretty uniform looking, too. Three of them moustached, two clean-shaven, three with a hat, two without. I expect little differences break the monotony. The three with a hat look most imperially devoted. It must be the hat with its gold ribbons and gold crest. It gives them a look of importance, steadfastness, irresistibility, determination and all the other qualities we appreciate in such men who are prepared to do I don’t know what. The two gentlemen without a hat look slightly less significant, I find, although they would appear to show their military decorations which the other three don’t – again this is possibly an attempt on the artist’s part to introduce individual features. On the whole I would say, a pleasing set of stamps.