Of course we know money is not important. Love has nothing to do with money. Aldous’ wife has a book entitled “The most precious thing”. And that’s not money to be sure! She looks determined. Have you seen Soandso’s house advertized, by the way? An unbelievable sum they want. It must be the four acres of land with it. Their own house has nine acres with it…

And somebody else, Commander Soandso, selling his house, too. You never guess what he wants! For his little place! It seems as though he has a buyer. Nothing in writing yet. Good old Commander Soandso! If he sells his house at that price, what’s the value of ours?

I hope you’re selling tickets. We count on you! How much have you taken? Is that all? Never mind. It all adds up. We’re all trying.

Her grandson has started saving money. So much in the bank. Other children have a lot more apparently. She thinks he’s doing well. He says he’s saving up for his honeymoon. Isn’t that cute?

I tell her that my little daughter dreams about a large house with a bathroom for each member of the family. She remarks, she’ll have to marry a rich man for that. They all want to be rich these days, don’t they.

As long as we get by on the money we have.

Switching on the immersion heater without worrying about the electricity – a pleasing thought to her. She’s heard somebody describe this as being rich. Quite original, isn’t it. Of course, some people are millionaires. Nessie’s brother is and Nessie himself must be. Very wealthy, very well off.

They went yachting with some newly acquired friends. My goodness, their house. Filled with antiques. All inherited. I don’t know why she said that…