3rd July

He rang this morning. Against the rules before 9 am. I wasn’t going to answer the phone, having more important things to do. Unfortunately, my daughter did. I could only whisper to her that I wasn’t in.

He rang again an hour later. I was still out and he told my daughter he wanted a word with me tomorrow. I certainly have nothing to say to him. Doesn’t he realize he’s making a nuisance of himself?
He once said to me that I probably quite enjoyed having men hooked on me. I told him I most definitely didn’t. How unpleasant to be pulled down by sheer weight. He said with concern “I don’t do that?”. He also told me I had a streak of steel in me. I shall have to prove this now.
He has given presents to all members of my family, except that the piano music for my husband is on loan. He presented my eldest daughter with his old and still very good hifi-set. She was utterly delighted. “You know why I gave her that,” he said some time after, “to please you. And her, of course. ”I was not really interested in his motives. It certainly didn’t please me particularly – maybe I should have told him.
He gave me a small item of jewellery which I liked and therefore accepted. I had no qualms about accepting it. He also gave me his wife’s second best watch which came in useful because I didn’t have one at the time. However, I think I shall let my husband provide for me and will return these things.